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Symbia Diaz

Posted on September 23 2016


Hello Girls!

Today is a very special day. Now begins a new opportunity to connect with many beautiful people, just like you. We want to share the latest in fashion trends, ideas on how to dress and help women look and feel at their best. We also want to hear from you, and share topics of your interest in the world of fashion.

My mission is to present collections that reflect not only exciting and emerging fashion trends, but also those that celebrate the time-honored principles of fine and elegant dressing. Every woman is wholly unique and represents the most beautiful creation of the world. Our priority at Zymbia Boutique is to serve you and all women with love, creativity and passion - right from the comfort of your home.

We believe in the balance of women. We have many roles that can sometimes make us forget the most important thing, ourselves, when this happens we slowly lose the natural glow that makes us unique. "A joyful heart makes a cheerful face" Prov.15:13. It’s an honor for me to share the tools that can strengthen and bless your inner beauty, a time for us to have some girl time, hope you like it!

with Love XOXO

God Bless!

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  • LIllian CUstodio: September 20, 2016

    Best of all in this endeavor. The sky’s the limit! Blessings xo

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