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We’re about to INSPIRE BEAUTY inside out. Love + Wisdom + Passion helps bright women find happiness in their lifestyle.



I understand you.

You are sitting at home…

Reading this…

On your computer or phone...

Looking for clothes that are creative and fit well,

but mostly, I was disappointed with my options too.

They didn’t fit well, were too expensive or of poor quality…

Every time I shopped online, I ended up being frustrated and feeling bad about myself.


I am wearing the right style for any occasion and getting positive comments about how my story serves as an inspiration to single moms like me.


Hello, Love! I’m Symbia Diaz, I started my online boutique business in the middle of the storm.

I will to tell you more about how I plan to help you in a couple of minutes, but before that, let me tell you more about where I started.

When I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by colors, textiles, and fashion. I remember putting on my Christmas gift list a sewing machine.

I was always into fashion.

I got married and had a beautiful son. Sometimes things do not turn the way we want to, and now I am a single mom who grew up loving fashion, and marketing, but I had to heal myself of lots of insecurities and low self-esteem.

I thought that nothing good could ever happen to me.

After 17 years of a successful career in marketing, the unexpected happened. My position was closed, and I was let go. I had to start all over again, only that this time as a single mom. I did not know where and how to start my new life. I was devastated, and a little tiny human being was depended entirely on me.

I am telling you this because...

I have a business with my priorities clear, following my dreams, to inspire women to have faith in themselves and show them that dreams do come true. I want them to believe in their natural beauty, and understand that each one has a unique gift that needs to shine.

In the beginning, I wanted and needed to start an entrepreneurial project.

One day, I was online, and I found it hard to find brands that offer quality, and fit well.

I thought: Yes!

This is it!

I decided to match my passion for fashion, and my career in marketing, and I launched my e-commerce fashion store, Zymbia.co.

Now, not everything was colorful.

I was worried about having a steady income to sustain my son and pay for all our needs. On top of that, a few people around me did not understand my decision and criticized what I was doing.

Has this happened to you?

I bet it has.

Along the way, I faced fear and uncertainty. Many times I asked myself:

Is this going to work?

For what am I doing this for, or why?

Is the money enough to pay for everything?

Should I even be doing this?

Am I good enough to be in the fashion business?

Sometimes this got to me and brought me down.

Being a single mumpreneur is hard.

I love fashion and my son more…

Children always follow their parent's steps, and I was not planning to disappoint mine.

As a single mumpreneur, you face many challenges, worrying about money and not having the time.

But those challenges only make you stronger, and as a mom, you become the glue that keeps the family together.

A year after I launched Zymbia.co, my country suffered a hurricane. The Island of Puerto Rico collapsed for months. I had to uproot my family and move us to the USA and start all over again.

But saying that, all these experiences just gave me the maturity I needed and helped me grow.

Fast forward to today…

I’m living the family life I dreamed of, a single mom running my own business, with time to take care of my son and be successful at the same time. I also have the blessing to connect with women that are struggling like I was and show them that everything is possible.

If I was able to do it, you could do it too. It is an amazing privilege to work, and raise my son while showing him how hard work looks like and the results you get if you work hard enough. Interestingly enough, my son is asking how he can create an online toy store himself.

I created an online e-commerce store for women like me. Women who want good quality and clothes that fit well, at the right price are from a shop with heart. Not just a faceless international business that doesn’t value their trade.

My dream and goal are that every woman finds their life purpose and live in peace, love, and passion. To let them know that they can be beautiful inside out.

So let’s shine even in the middle of the storm.

Does this sound interesting to you?

I will tell you more about how you can join me in a moment.


I have ...

The opportunity to dress many women,

The opportunity to have my own business,

The opportunity to raise my son and take care of my home.

I am a different person now.

It is beautiful when you can have a career, and your passion for family, fashion, and life altogether.

So now, it’s your turn…

Can I take a moment to ask you a couple of questions about you?

As you are sitting there, reading this…

Do you want to be part of Zymbia.co?

What would it mean to you to be part of a fashion store that values you and wants you to show your natural beauty?

To never have to worry about the clothes that you buy online, being the wrong size, poor quality, or too expensive again?

Would it be amazing to be part of our VIP Club???

We are here to support women to be beautiful inside out!

We want you to Dare to be yourself and be unique.

I understand you.

Would you be happier?

What would it be worth to you?

Can you even put a price on this support?

So all that is left is for you to take the first small step and...

Join our VIP Club and be connected to a community of women who wants to change the world and support each other.


God bless you!
With love,